Volunteer to be an APA Congressional District Captain

APA has recently launched a new free member benefit: the Planners Advocacy Network. The network was created in response to members’ interest in getting more involved in politics on a national level. APA offers a host of materials to assist members in crafting a message and delivering your story, writing effective emails, and what APA’s legislative policies entail. Members can join the network and explore all of the available resources by going to planning.org/advocacy.

To date, more than 130 APA Florida members have already joined the Planners Advocacy Network. As part of this new APA initiative, we are recruiting inaugural Congressional District Captains (CDC) to assist us with APA’s advocacy work in each of Florida’s 27 Congressional Districts. While the role may evolve with time and experience, the role as it is currently conceived will focus on responding to APA Action Alerts by contacting your congressional representatives and advocating on behalf of APA. The role may also include distributing information to other District APA members or recruiting network members in your Congressional District.

If you are interested in volunteering to be a Congressional District Captain, please contact your State Chair Laura Everitt at leveritt@tindaleoliver.com.