RFP: Land Development in Lake Worth

The purpose of this Request for Proposals (RFP) is to solicit proposals for the development of vacant, CRA owned parcels along both Lake and Lucerne Avenues in the mixed-use east zoning district in downtown Lake Worth. A total of 11 lots located along Lake and Lucerne Avenues between “F” and “C” Street and west of the FEC railroad tracks were purchased by the CRA using either Federal Neighborhood Stabilization or Line of Credit funds. The CRA is seeking proposals for all of the parcels available

Although different proposals may be submitted for each of the lots and blocks, the intent of the RFP is to create a unified vision with similar uses in the CRA District that complement the existing landscape as well as each other. A proposal from one developer, willing to develop all of the parcels is preferred. It is the CRA’s intention to competitively select a Developer with the proven ability and interest to construct a development or developments, and also, to own the property once constructed. Projects must be at least two to three stories in height. Each project must have a mix of uses.

Deadline: March 27. 

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Contact:  Chris Dabros, (561) 493-2550 or cdabros@lakeworth.org