Project: PL-00011, Transportation and Parking Strategic Plan (Gainesville)

The University of Florida Board of Trustees announces that Professional Services in the discipline of transportation planning services will be required for the Project: PL-00011, Transportation and Parking Strategic Plan (Gainesville)

The project consists of strategic intermodal transportation planning with a focus on a ten-year (2018 through 2028) planning horizon.  Recommendations will include near-term and mid-term priorities, but with an eye toward strategic long-term goals and efficiencies consistent with the University’s Strategic Development Plan.  The plan will specify a strategic policy framework, implementation actions for facilities and programs, cost estimates, and phasing for an enhanced multimodal and intermodal campus transportation system including transit, campus vehicular circulation, bicycle and pedestrian facilities/programs, parking, and a transportation demand management plan.  The strategic plan will consider campus student/staff growth, traffic congestion levels, campus master plan facility recommendations, and local transportation system plans and programs.  Reviews of peer university systems, industry best practices, and input from stakeholders will be part of the planning process.  Stakeholder involvement is anticipated to include an online survey developed and administered as part of the project. A project steering committee will be appointed to interface with the project consultant team throughout the planning process.  The project also anticipates that an in-house Bicycle Master Plan will be developing in parallel with this planning effort, and the two initiatives should be integrated to the degree necessary.

The selected firm will provide strategic transportation planning services for the referenced project to include transportation demand management, parking management, bicycle/pedestrian facilities and programs, transit planning, traffic operations, and complete streets.


Deadline: 08-07-17