Oct. 1: Leon County Lecture Series with Gil Penalosa: ‘Lessons from Bogota and Beyond’

Gil Penalosa is passionate about cities for all people. He has inspired and advised decision makers in more than 200 cities around the world on how to create healthy, vibrant, and sustainable communities for everyone regardless of age, gender, or social status. His focus is on the design and use of parks and streets as great public places, as well as sustainable mobility: walking, riding bicycles, taking public transit, and new uses of cars.

Gil is the Founder of 8 80 Cities. After many years running the organization as Executive Director he now serves as Chair of the Board of Directors. Gil is also President and CEO of his own consulting firm – Gil Penalosa & Associates where he offers the three services (keynotes, workshops, strategic advising) based on his unique set of skills and experiences. GP&A and 8 80 Cities have worked closely together on a number of projects that combine the strengths of the two organizations.

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