Legislative Update – November 9 2017

Interim committee meetings are underway, with just two more weeks of meetings before the 2018 session begins on January 9.  The latest bill tracking report can be viewed here.

Among the bills being tracked are ones that would do the following:

  • Amend CRA requirements and terminate CRAs by September 30, 2038 (HB 17) and amending CRA requirements but not terminating them (SB 432)
  • Require a private property rights element in local comprehensive plans (HB 207 and SB 362)
  • Preempt tree and timber trimming, removal and harvesting on private property to the state (HB 521 and SB 574)
  • Revise the definition of “development” to exclude work by certain utility providers on utility infrastructure in certain rights-of way (SB 494 and HB 405)
  • Prohibit fracking (HB 237 and SB 462)
  • Delete provision limiting the number of rural areas of opportunity that can be designated and revise the Rural Economic Development Initiative (SB 170)
  • Amend membership requirements of MPOs and other provisions (HB 575)
  • Specify timing of impact fee collection as no earlier than C.O. issuance (SB 324)
  • Specify certain fiscal transparency requirements for local governments (HB 7)
  • Amend public records or public meeting requirements (HB 79, SB 192, HB 273, SB 750, HB 439, SB 560, HB 459, HB 461, HB 589)
  • Redefine terms to allow smoking form of medical marijuana for use (SB 726)
  • Repeal provision related to state funding for sports facility development by local governments (SB 778 and HB 6005)
  • Revise provisions related to water management district sale of surplus lands (SB 806 and SB 808)
  • Create the Florida High-Speed Passenger Rail Safety Act to encourage creation of transportation options, including high-speed rail, and promote safety of high-speed rail systems (SB 572 and HB 525)
  • Revise permissible activities that can be funded by Florida Communities Trust to include flood mitigation projects (SB 158)
  • Amend requirements and criteria related to beach management and erosion control projects (SB 174 and HB 131)

Please contact the Chapter Office at fapa@floridaplanning.org if you have any questions about a bill or would like a bill added to the tracking report.