Governmental Opportunities for Preserving Heritage Resources (GOPHR)

Turn YOUR Past to YOUR Advantage

Are you interested in enabling your local government and historical society to take charge of heritage preservation in your community? The Governmental Opportunities for Preserving Heritage Resources (GOPHR) is a free program offered by the Florida Public Archaeology Network (FPAN) designed as a series of short (20-45 min), flexible modules.

The modules included are:

  • Funding and Support
  • Certified Local Governments
  • National Register of Historic Places
  • Heritage Tourism Attractions
  • Heritage Resource Management
  • Federal Preservation Laws
  • State Preservation Laws

As this program is modular in nature, an audience can choose only the specific subjects that interest them. GOPHR is ideal for anybody who either wants an idea how to get started with preserving their heritage or anybody just looking for a basic understanding of these subjects. If you have any questions, email Tristan Harrenstein at or call at (850) 877-2206.

To schedule a GOPHR workshop for your community, simply contact your regional FPAN representative at