Call for Student Posters

We are looking for dynamic and interesting posters from undergraduate and graduate students, especially in the topic areas listed below. If you have a great research project or paper that can be visually displayed, we are happy to welcome your proposal. All poster proposals will be considered, even if the poster topic is not covered in the list below. We also welcome that would be of interest to our membership.

The 2017 American Planning Association Florida Conference is considered the most important event of the year among planning professionals. More than 700 planning, transportation, design, and economic development professionals, consultants, nationally recognized speakers, attorneys, engineers, public administrators, architects, landscape architects, scientists, residents, and community leaders are expected to convene in Daytona Beach for four days of education and networking opportunities.

Displaying a poster at a major conference such as the 2017 American Planning Association Florida Conference, is a fantastic way to gain visibility and demonstrate your emerging expertise in the subject. Preparing a quality poster also showcases your attention to detail and deepens your understanding of the topic. Designing and creating a poster takes time and effort, but the rewards are worth it.

During a poster exhibit you will have the opportunity to engage in discussions with the people who stop by to view your work. You get to practice speaking about your research, which develops your ability to present a concise summary of your work, both visually and orally. This is an incredibly important skill to have when you enter the workforce. The interactions you have during a poster exhibit can help you make connections with professionals in the field.

Practice form here.  (Will download as a Word doc.)  Once ready to apply, use our online form.