Announcing Proposed APA Florida Bylaw Changes

Every two years, the Chapter President appoints a Bylaws Committee, chaired by the Chapter Secretary, to review the Bylaws and identify any changes needed for consistency with national APA bylaws or Chapter practices and policies.   The current Bylaws Committee members are Lorraine Duffy-Suarez, AICP; Rochelle Lawandales, AICP, Melissa Zornitta, AICP, Brad Cornelius, AICP, Alissa Barber Torres, AICP and Kim Glas-Castro, AICP (Chair and APA Florida Secretary).

Based on the work of the Bylaws Committee, the APA Florida Executive Committee proposes the changes listed below to the APA Florida Bylaws. (To view the actual proposed language, click here. (Will open or download as a Word document.)

Article IV. Chapter Section

  1. Specify that Section Bylaws should be reviewed for consistency within 90 days of adoption of Chapter Bylaws.
  2. Task the Chapter Bylaws Committee with courtesy review of Section Bylaws before adoption of bylaws amendments.
  3. Require Section Bylaws to be posted on Section webpages for convenient access to members.

Article VI. Chapter Offices and Terms of Service

  1. Due to the timing of the election process hosted by national APA, specify that the term of the newly elected officers commences no later than 14 days after receipt of the election results.
  2. In the event of vacancy of the President position, clarify the term of office of the President-Elect advancing (pre-term) to the President position.

Article VII. Duties of Executive Committee Members

  1. Require attendance of elected Chapter officers at all Executive Committee meetings.
  2. Clarify the duties of the Young Planners Group Representative.
  3. Clarify the duties of the Student Representative and Faculty Liaison. 

Article IX Committees

  1. Clarify that the Chapter President appoints all standing committee members.
  2. Task the Chapter Bylaws Committee with courtesy review of Section Bylaws before adoption of bylaws amendments.
  3. Reduce the members of the Conference Committee.
  4. Refine the timing of Biennial Leadership Retreat (within 6 months of the installation of the new Chapter officers).
  5. Amend the Young Planners Group to better align the purpose, organizational structure and membership criteria with national APA YPG guidelines.
  6. Clarify that ad-hoc committees may include non-APA members with a technical expertise desired for the objective or task of the committee.

Voting on these proposed Bylaws revisions will be done electronically and ballots will be sent out in September. The proposed Bylaws amendments require approval by a majority of those Chapter members voting. Please contact Kim Glas-Castro at or 561-434-5086. if you have any comments or questions about the proposed changes.