Accepting nominations for the ​APA FL Orlando Metro Section Board!

​Now accepting nominations for the
​APA FL Orlando Metro Section Board!


​The nomination period for the APA FL Orlando Metro Section (OMS) 2018 Executive Committee election cycle is underway.  A prospective nominee shall be a Florida Resident, member of APA, and member of APA Florida in good standing.

The positions up for election are:
2nd Vice-President, Treasurer, Seminole County Director,
Osceola County Director, and Director At Large

A description of the responsibilities for
each position are discussed further below.

Elected officers will begin their term of office at the July 12, 2018 Annual Meeting, will serve on the Executive Committee for two (2) years as voting members, then as an ex-officio member until the APA Conference 2020 to allow for a smooth transition for any incoming officers.

Nominations are due June 15, 2018.

The voting period will commence on June 22, 2018,
​and voting will be conducted via an online ballot

Candidate nominations or questions regarding nomination should be sent to Nominating Committee Chair Katie Shannon at

Emailed nominations should include the following information: 

Email Address
Position of Interest (e.g. Director at Large)
Biography/position statement: 1-2 paragraphs, please keep under 200 words.

​Term of Office, Duties and Responsibilities for Officer Positions

2nd Vice-President

  1. To act in place of the First Vice President, as necessary.
  2. To perform other duties and exercise authority delegated by the President as are necessary to carry out the business of the Section.
  3. To serve as Co- Chair of the Scholarship Sub-Committee.
  4. To serve as Certification Maintenance Program Officer (CMPO) of the Section and shall be a member of the American Institute of Certified Planners. The duties shall include administering and overseeing the Section- related CM activities; serving as liaison to the Florida Chapter on CM; and coordinating the annual Section grants applications for professional development activities.
  5. Assist the Professional Development Officer (PDO), as needed, on professional development activities.  ​


  1. To coordinate the collection of dues, special assessments and other monies in the name of the Section; to facilitate and approve payment of Section expenses and disbursement of money in accordance with the budget; to maintain an accurate accounting of Section finances.
  2. To prepare an annual proposed budget for review and approval by the Executive Committee by the end of the first fiscal quarter.
  3. To present to the Executive Committee quarterly financial reports of income and expenditures by activity as compared to adopted budget.
  4. To prepare a written annual financial statement for the Executive Committee which shall include a ledger sheet of Section income and expenditure by activity for the preceding year to be presented at the annual meeting.
  5. To prepare such other financial reports as may be required by the Florida Chapter of the American Planning Association.
  6. To perform other duties and exercise authority as delegated by the President as are necessary to carry out business of the Section.

Seminole County Director, Osceola County Director and Director at Large

  1. To serve as sub-committee chairs and/or perform duties and exercise authority delegated by the President as necessary to carry out the business of the Section.
  2. There shall be seven (7) Directors on the Executive Committee.